Workshop goal: Utilisation of the website Mars@School (Lessons 1 and 2)  and submit this work to the teachers  for education level return

Time allocated: 1h30min

Trainer (s): Anne Sauron, Shiba SUBEDI

Target audience: primary and secondary school teachers

Topics approached in the workshop: Astronomy, physic and tectonic, Mars@School

Workshop Description:

Access the website Mars@School and test it .  It will be really necessary to share the point of view concerning the contents and the quality of the level science attending for this class of ages.

Type of certification:

Certificate of participation stating course title, location, dates, summary of content, number of hours (delivered before participants’ departure).

Follow-­up activities

  • Distance learning activities
  • Email contacts with trainers

It is hoped that participants:

  • Keep in touch each other and keep developing contacts with other participants of the course
  • Create materials to use them in their classrooms.

Other resources:

Registration: On-line on the conference site. The selection will be made according to the options and the order of entries.

Dr. Anne Sauron-Sornette

Dr. Anne Sauron-Sornette

She studied physics at the University of Paris XI (France) where she received his geophysics degree in 1986 and his doctorate in 1990. From 1991 to 1995, associate professor of geophysics at the University of Nice-Sophia–Antipolis (France) and founder of the CNRS team “RUADE: from RUpture to DEformation. She has developed the laboratory of analog modeling of tectonic deformation, faulting and earthquake rupture, and supervised numerous students and training courses, in Physics department at the University of Nice-Sophia–Antipolis. From 1995 until 2005 she shave time between Nice and the University of California, Los Angeles, Depart. of Earth and Space Sciences. She concentrated on the study on phenomena of Rupture and scaling laws in the Earth crust , looking for model of percolation of rupture, of fault growth process and of self-organized criticality.Since 2006 until 2013, associate professor of geophysics at ETH Zürich she is developing seismic network for school and she is developing a pedagogical approaches for teachers at school through the program “Seismo@School” in Switzerland. Since 2013 until 2017, she share 50 % of time at EHT Zürich and 50% loke Prof., at the Institute of Industrial System, Hes-so Valais in Sion. She is Project manager of the CPPS ( Center for Earthquakes Education and Preparedness.