InSIGHT mission

Workshop goal : How the InSIGHT mission is teaching in French High schools, from preparations on Earth to Mars landing and deployment of geophysical sensors.

Target audience : secondary schools teachers

Trainers : Jérémy Camponovo, Fatima Moujdi-Menauge

Time allocated : 1h30

Topics approached in the workshop :

  • How to send a rocket to Mars (serious game) ?
  • The egg drop, or how to protect the lander against its impact on ground?
  • Solar constant and size of photovoltaic panels for a mission to Mars;
  • How to determine martian wind velocity, density of the atmosphere ?
  • How to estimate location of marsquakes with only one sensor?

Workshop Description:
With simple models and free software, hands-on will be propose to answer to previous questions. These hands-on have been tested and validated in French High schools. The different steps of the InSIGHT mission are approached in order to discover different thematic behind this mission.

Other resources:


Dr. Jérémy Camponovo

Dr. Jérémy Camponovo  hold the ‘agrégation’, the highest teaching diploma in France since 2006 in physics and chemistry, and a PhD in organic chemistry since 2010. Former student at the ‘Ecole Normale Supérieure’, hold an engineering degree of the ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris’. He was a teacher in Bordeaux I university between 2007 and 2010 in licence degree, master degree and for graduate students who are preparing the competitive examination to become a teacher. He teach now physics, chemistry, computer science, robotics and aeronautics for students from 11 to 20 year old in middle school, high school and CPGE (preparatory class for entrance to french Grandes Ecoles). He also animate the astronomy club of his school in link with the Observatoire de laCôte d’Azur laboratory (OCA). He is also involved in the preparation of the french team for IESO for a few years and I participated in the organisation of the IESO 2017 in France.He is very interested in cross-curriculum approach in education, that is why he participate in producing resources for the Insight project and in the Edumed-Observatory project ( funded by the Université Côte d’Azur.